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Designed for any budget size, our business model allows us to meet each homeowner exactly where they are. Thoughtful payment options allow us to make our custom services available to a diverse range of owners. By arming you with a team of industry experts, we empower you to keep, sell, or enhance your home while building the greatest value. Home is where you make memories with people you love, it is also a reliable source of financial security that supports you and your loved ones throughout your lives. Let us help your home serve you.

For Agents & Investors

We're your value improvement partner

At Homeworx, everyone gets the VIP treatment! This is especially true of our community of real estate agents. As your trusted Value Improvement Partner (VIP), we assess, plan, and skillfully manage your entire project. By making your lift a lighter one, we honor the energy you expend advocating on behalf of your cherished clients. Our services include: Listing home prep (complete with HD photography, video, and 3D matterport walkthroughs), light repair and maintenance, and full residential renovation and remodel.

Homeworx works to maximize your listings while you stay focused on providing top-notch service. When your clients win, you win.

Our Process

Making your home work for you

With a team of knowledgeable professionals and a simple process, Homeworx makes home prep and improvement virtually effortless. Our process includes:

  1. Assessment and Inspection: In partnership with you or your agent, Homeworx gains an understanding of your needs, the current value of the property, and how it can better support you.
  2. Planning: We design and agree on a pre-listing and/or value improvement plan, budget, timeline, and financing model to cover the costs of the improvements and meet your needs.
  3. Build: You hand over the keys and we get to work! Our licensed vendors bring quality materials and impeccable workmanship to your project, while the Homeworx team manages everything from start to finish. Your private online portal gives you access to regular progress reports, day or night.
  4. Completion: We return your keys and unveil your much improved and gorgeous home!

Whether the goal is to put it on the market, lease it, or move back in, Homeworx will help you unlock the value in your home.

Our Ethos

VIBE with Homeworx

Homeworx transforms communities by empowering people to keep, sell or enhance their home. And it all begins with a VIBE: 

  • Vest. Embracing the work of homeownership truly begins not with the purchase, but with vesting (or how you hold your title). Critical to protecting your home investment, vesting is the true springboard for good home stewardship.
  • Invest. Regular upkeep and improvements are the outcomes of good stewardship. Homeworx exists to support excellent homeownership habits. We make home improvement accessible to every homeowner.
  • Build. We help owners build equity through targeted home maintenance and improvements. We build enthusiastic communities that share information, fueling a culture of healthy home stewardship.
  • Educate. Through education, we cultivate opportunities key to sustained growth and security. Knowledge transfer from parent to child and from one community member to another ensures the ongoing health of our home investment and our communities. If you don’t know, you won’t grow.

Pride of ownership: it’s in the details.

  • Our beautiful work!

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